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cooking stores online

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I used to make cookies all the time. It was almost an obsessive habit; I would bring them to work and share them almost every weekend.

It started when I didn't have money to buy everyone at work little gifts and a co-worker - a lovely, dear man named Johnny Falvey - gave me $20.00 to make cookies for everyone. Little did he know it would grow and continue for years. And of course when Tony came to work with us at TP I was still making them and he loved them.

Then I stopped. Mostly because of money but also because of the deteriorating state of the work place. It went from a nice, decent place to work to a drug abuser's paradise and a sexual harassment suit (or 9) just waiting to happen. Drama-filled, angst- and hate-ridden hole.

However, Tony still wanted cookies. Batch after batch went by and they weren't any good. They were downright gross at times. Dry, burnt, uneven, hard, too old ingredients, etc. I couldn't find my recipe that everyone loved and that really sucked.

Finally yesterday I grabbed what I needed at the store. Last night, after watching The Freedom Writers (great movie, more proof that Hilary Swank has little to no talent as an actor whatsoever) I looked up a recipe online and threw caution to the wind.

YAY! Good cookies.

Thank goodness.

Everything Cast-Iron Cookbook - Final Cover

Everything Cast-Iron Cookbook - Final Cover

It's official. The book is off with the proofreader who will hopefully catch every missing comma, or wrong use of it's/its for me. There will be final composition changes, and then it gets sent to the printer who will make a few thousand of these so they can appear online and in stores on June 18th.

The only addition to this cover is the endorsement of Wendy McClure of Poundy, a Bust magazine columnist, writer of "I'm Not the New Me", The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan, and a forthcoming book where cast-iron actually may make an appearance. Thanks to Wendy and the couple of other people who wrote endorsements for me. Thanks to everyone who pushed me to write the book, listened to me talk about how hard it was throughout the process, offered suggestions, ate food for me, and generally was there when I needed you.

cooking stores online

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