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Asian Cooking Supplies

asian cooking supplies

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can you eat local chinese food?

can you eat local chinese food?

in animal, vegetable, miracle she talks about only eating from their garden. but then she goes onto say that they made vietnamese salad rolls with rice paper wraps. so she must have been grocery shopping or she just happened to have 100 rice wrappers in her pantry (it could happen). we seriously dont go to the grocery store except for amaya's milk and some day that might change if we find a local cow or goat. that said, i dont like to waste and I have an entire cupboard full of neato asian cooking supplies, hence the previous dinner of sushi.

we have been trying to eat local and have been for a long time, but i still have some asian fixings in my fridge, freezer and cupboards so this is a kind-of-local exotic meal. everything from our garden or CSA basket except the sauces, rice noodles and egg roll wrappers. (dont expect me to be making those from scratch anytime soon, i have too much fruit to can to do crazy stuff like that)

Rolled the egg rolls with yucca banana flowers, noodles, sauces, fried onions and ginger, organic beef, garlic, mint and fried. served on a bed of mint, lettuce (from our one plant that keeps producing no matter how much you snip off) and fish sauce and rice wine vinegar (all from the pantry).

Noodle salad with new potatoes and spinach. Followed by baked beets with onions and hazelnuts and sesame vinegar dressing and the local radishes in sea salt.

Asia Market

Asia Market

My sister was looking to make an authentic Asian meal, she said her favorite non-traditional local market was on Prater Way in Sparks. They’re open from 9am-8pm, even on Sundays, so you can pick up some last minute supplies if you start cooking dinner and realize you’re missing something. The whole back of the market was filled with open-faced coolers, filled with a variety of fish and seafood items. You could buy raw or grilled Tilapia, which they were having a sale on the day we were in. There was also, what appeared to be a variety of fresh meats, hanging in the butcher’s area. While there were a lot of unfamiliar items, there were also some commonly found grocery items as well. I found bananas, cans of evaporated milk, and jars of French’s mustard. I thought it was interesting that in the Asian market they had quite a wide selection of authentic Mexican food also. -Lauren Randolph

asian cooking supplies

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asian cooking supplies

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